About Us


About us

Our story began in 2007, as we worked with art galleries and designers around Australia & Europe. People always asked us if we knew someone who could paint their kids, family, pets,
or just a beautiful photo they took when they travelled. Designers would come to us with ideas and ask for specific prints and colours.

We realized that this is costly and not affordable for everyone. And so, we found a way to grant everyone the opportunity to enjoy art on their walls.

Pix2Arts is a simple platform that transforms any photo into a beautiful oil painting on canvas. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy art in their home; with us, it’s easy
and simple.

We discovered that art is the best way to capture your happiest and most memorable moments. Our goal is to make it accessible to everyone.

Just upload your photo/print, and we will ensure you get a piece of art that will last 50 years on your wall.

With our Pix2arts platform, dreams do come true!